• V-milling cutter and inner R cutter

    The V-milling cutter is a multi-function milling cutter - it can be used to mill V-grooves, chamfers, or as a positioning drill. The inner R milling cutter (also known as the concave arc end mill) is a special milling cutter for milling convex R-shaped surfaces, especially in the mold manufacturing industry, it is a necessary matching milling cutter. Its characteristics: high processing precision, the surface roughness of the processed workpiece is good, and the production efficiency is high.

  • Ball knife and round nose knife

    The ball knives are generally monolithic. The new knives are precisely sized and can be machined with small recessed areas. However, no matter how high the speed is, the center point of the ball cutter is always stationary, and the ball cutter is the milling cutter whose blade is a semi-spherical ball. The round nose knife refers to the length of the arc portion to be larger than 1/4 circle. Generally, the low blade has a section that is flat and has arcs at both ends.

  • Inclined milling cutter and long neck milling cutter

    The tilting knife is widely used in the taper processing after the ordinary blade processing in the mold manufacturing process, and the mold drafting processing and the dimple part processing. Long-neck milling cutters have been developed to meet the needs of precision machining of deep or deep grooves. It can be seen that the selection of suitable tools for combined machining applications can increase machining efficiency and reduce machining costs.