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Half moon knife and tungsten steel reamer

Half-moon reamer is often used for copper and aluminum processing, which is convenient for chip removal. It is also commonly used to mill holes to a certain size. After drilling, the inner hole is generally rough. If there are high requirements on precision and luminosity, reduce the surface. Roughness, usually need to be reamed, the tool used for reaming is called reamer.

Tungsten steel reamer features: If you need to order, please download the PDF file below and fax to the company
1. The round hole of the workpiece has a certain dimensional tolerance, and the reamer can make the round hole with a certain tolerance.
2. Half-moon reamer is more wear-resistant for round holes with fine holes and angles.
3. Customized reamer, can change the length according to the workpiece
4. Reamers can be different depending on the machine, the shank diameter is different


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