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NC tungsten steel step grinding machine
1. Well-planned NC controller with color touch screen, easy to learn, easy to operate features
2. It can detect the grinding length of each workpiece to ensure the grinding precision and stability.
3. Automatic feeding and receiving system, providing fast and stable mechanism to improve the efficiency of fully automated production


Swiss 5-axis grinding machine
A 5-axis precision tool grinder for standard and high performance tools with a diameter range of Ø0.5-20.0mm (0.02"- 3/4")
Regardless of batch size, maximum uptime production time and unmatched productivity, this 5-axis tool grinder is the ideal machine for making a wide range of precision tools with the shortest set-up time.
An ultra-compact 6-station grinding wheel replacement library is standard and offers an economical solution with the most flexibility and power.


German computer five-axis grinding machine
The HAWEMA2001 machine is a high-precision and high-efficiency sharpener. The base part is made of natural artificial marble bed, which provides excellent rigidity and precision stability. It can eliminate the change of heat and cold shrinkage, and the excellent ergonomic design creates Arc-shaped oscillating structure, this unique design structure is applied and installed on the artificial marble bed, and the transparent arc shape is good for the operator to work and observe the working process.


Germany Zeller's ZELLOR tool setting tool can be used for cylindrical hob cutting edge
Venturion« combines exceptional ergonomics with maximum flexibility and precision. Regardless of the user's needs, ZOLLER»venturion« offers the best configuration and unique design to meet the specific requirements of the user's production process. »venturion« is rugged and durable, making it ideal for all types of CNC production. It is extremely accurate and suitable for large heavy duty tools. ZOLLER products can save up to €15,000 per shift per year and significantly increase productivity.
ZOLLER Image Processing System »pilot«
Ergonomic operating element
Always use brand-name products
Rugged and durable, able to withstand various workshop floor environments
Power spindle clamping and braking via membrane keyboard
Fully adapt to your production requirements
Auto focus and rotary encoder
ZOLLER high precision spindle »ace«


Tungsten steel filter cartridge
The cutting oil filtering equipment can be matched with the grinding machine equipment of various manufacturers to accurately filter a large amount of tungsten steel generated in the grinding. On the one hand, the cutting fluid can be kept clean and constant at the same time, on the other hand, the grinding rate is increased and the grinding wheel is reduced. loss. The full range of this equipment is matched with the Glanfu pump, which guarantees both life and quality.
The C type represents three filter barrels with a filtration capacity of 420 L/min, and each of the three barrels consists of 61 filter elements. When the oil containing tungsten mud passes, it can be surely filtered with an accuracy of 1. Can be used with 3 large flow or 6 small flow grinders